Tips on Picking Bridesmaids Dresses

by - November 01, 2016

You have stumbled upon this post and it’s quite out of the blue to talk about bridesmaid’s dresses but we have all either owned one or is on the way to look for one. So what’s the deal with bridesmaid dresses? Gone were the days where bridesmaids look like women forced to wear get ups they’re uncomfortable with. Brides these days tend to be more open and receptive of what their besties will be wearing alongside them on the wedding day. If you’re helping your bride-to-be best friend in picking out what you and the other bridesmaids will wear, enjoy these top 3 tips!

1.Consider the bride’s preference 

Many girls dream about their wedding day from the moment they hear their first fairy tale. Each bride creates a mental image of celebrating that magical day with her prince charming in front of all of her beloved friends and family sparkled from head to toe. For one day only, she will be transformed into Cinderella. As part of her entourage, feel free to offer constructive criticism - if asked - on dress design and do not complement her body type, but refrain from offering unwelcome remarks on dress styles based on differences in fashion preference. It's the bride's day, and if she loves her dress and feels beautiful wearing it, just be happy for her and enjoy the celebration. Yes, it is STILL her wedding after all. Listen to her colour and theme preference and work with it! Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes so not one dress cutting fits all. With this info, ask your bride to be bestie if she’s okay with having different dress styles for each bridesmaid. If she insists on ONE style, listen to her and find a common ground (you can always alter the fit later). Remember, your aim is to complement the bride, not outshine her on her big day!

2. Begin with early browsing

Start off by doing some research. Planning as early as possible, where you can browse of gowns. Bookmark your favourites and share them with your friends. You’ll never know if you’re going to need an alteration or if the bride suddenly decides to change her mind about colour, styles or themes. Talk nicely to your bride to be bestie and ask that she let you pick out what the bridesmaids will be comfortable in from the get go. If you’re flipping through magazines or browsing online, tear out pages or save images to your inspiration board to help zero in on the colours and styles you like best. Explore both online and in store boutiques for better versatility. Buying bridesmaids dresses online will almost always require more time so start looking as early as possible. Don’t forget to include the bride in ALL the results you find.

3. Prepare to give in

Always remember that you’re trying to make your bride to be bestie the happiest on her wedding day. There’s no use in arguing or dragging the time out just because you don’t agree that a sweetheart neckline isn’t flattering on you. There is always a mistake with the arrangement, a complicated engagement or a surprise guest who attempts to make a toast. No wedding is perfect! Therefore, it’s every bride’s mission to perfect her wedding as best as she can. Telling her to relax increases her stress level and belittles her feelings. She’s a bride and it’s her wedding day. Just be supportive and make any attempt to decrease any problematic issues that arise It’s just one day in a dress, for your bestie. What’s a bad neckline going to do? It’s not worth jeopardizing your friendship over. It’s impossible to make everyone happy but do your best to make your friend smile the brightest on her wedding day!

Girls, keep in mind that there’s a reason why she picked you as a bridesmaid. Do your part and find the best possible dress for everyone - always be considerate and don’t think about yourself more than the bride. You’re all set.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress – so romantic! I wish I had some worthwhile dates to go on so I could wear something like this!



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