INFO SHARING : "How to take care of your Watch"

by - December 04, 2016

Know what? some of us might be had their own hobbies. Necessarily  I'm the one who loved to spend an (RM) just to have this kind of collection. No like other ordinary women who loved to spend more to handbags collection rather than outfit or accessories. Mine is too different. 

People will keep asking me, even my parent, why should I spend for something that not too valuable. What?! seriously!!no value meh??!! Silap tu. It something can fill your empty desire. Me as a watch collector, not as much as I had just now, compared to others collector. Most probably the nos I had now are  kalau dah takda duit boleh lah gadai buat duit belanja. Hahah..

Mereka tanya lagi KENAPA JAM??kenapa bukan GOLD atau something yang more related to feminism items. Alamak!! Jam pun feminim juga ape? But my posting today is not about my koleksi jam-jam yang duk ada sekarang. Tapi more to share info "How to take care of your Watch"

The Care of Ceramic Bracelet

Ceramic is a material with great hardness, which is waterproof and its colour will not be changed easily. However, this material is comparatively fragile, so be aware of hitting with hard objects.

Also, pay attention to the cleaning of the ceramic bracelet remove the sweat stain and dirt regularly, so as to avoid the breakage of the ceramic bracelet caused by rusting.

If the bracelet is stained with grease, try to wash it with washing detergent and dry it with a soft cloth, if the stains still exist, you may send it to the repair centre or change a new one (teehee).

About Solar-powered Watch

Solar-powered Watch runs by solar power where light is converted into energy by a solar panel. Under different environment and light source, required time for power charge varies:

Environment       Time for power charge (approx)
Required Power for moving 1 day              *for re-starting a watchfully charge
Indoor   4 hours  14 hours              Invalid
Under florescent light (60-70cm) 2 hours  6.5 hours             Invalid
Under florescent light (20cm)       40 Minutes          2.5 hours             150 hours
Outdoor during cloudy day            11
Minutes               1 hour   40 hours
During sunny day
4 Minutes            40 Minutes          30 hours

Important notes of wearing an automatic mechanical watch

For the first time wearing, start an automatic watch by hand-winding it for 10 rounds and it will be winded automatically with our arm’s natural movement. An automatic watch has to be worn for 8 hours or more daily to maintain its preciseness. Without wearing the automatic watch for 2 days or being inactive while wearing, hand-wind for 10 rounds or shakes it for 1 minute in order to restore the power.

Hand-wind the automatic watch frequently to avoid lubricant condensation, and perform cleaning and oiling once 3 years in order to keep the quality.

The Care of Leather Straps

In order to keep a leather strap watch in a good condition, it is very important to handle the leather strap with care

Firstly, avoid contacting with water or placing the strap around the area with high humidity, at the same time also avoid overexposure to the sun. Keep the leather strap away from substances like perfume, lotion etc. In case it gets wet, use a towel to wipe it and place it at the dry area immediately, hence the leather strap can be maintained in good quality.

About Scratch-proof Glass

A watch with scratch-proof glass is always more durable. Below are the materials scratched proof glass which is commonly used:
  • Sapphire Crystal

It is a high technology material with the 9th grade of Mohs Hardness scale (the hardness of a diamond is of 10th grade), which makes a watch being long-lasting and is not easy to be scratched.

  • Tempered glass

It is the same material used in car glass, it’s not easy to be damaged in the normal scenario, but creating damages by a violent crash is unavoidable.

Selection of a water resistant watch

Water resistant is a common mark stamped on the back of watches to indicate how well a watch is against water, which mostly indicated in unit of "BAR". People in common misinterpret water resistant as the water depth which a watch could still function, but in fact it means the air pressure a watch could bear.

To select a suitable water resistant watch, you can refer to below table:

Water Resistance             Suitability
5 BAR or above  Suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant
10 BAR or above               Suitable for swimming
20 BAR or above               Suitable for diving

Note : This info might slightly different from other caretaker. I shared whatever I learned and blast to all readers. Happy reading.

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