Review : The new Klairs Mochi BB Cushion

by - August 05, 2017

Hari ini saya akan berkongsi kajian semula dan pengalaman peribadi saya dengan keluaran terbaru dari Klairs, Mochi BB Cushion! Kusyen bb ini ialah formula lebih baik krim BB Korea paling digemari dari jenama Klairs. Yang mana terkenal dengan membuat kulit cerah, lembab dan poreless. Jadi apakah perbezaan antara keduanya Klairs BB Cream asal menampilkan satu liputan ringan dengan kemasan lembab. Manakala Klairs Mochi BB Cushion direka bentuk untuk mempunyai satu cahaya kepada liputan buildable sederhana dengan satu kemasan satin.
  • liputan semula jadi
  • seri yang sihat
  • anti-kemerahan
  • mencerahkan
  • warna kulit sekata
  • menghidratkan
  • PACKAGING (cute overloaded)


To be honest, it's not the super cute design as I tend to prefer more high-class packaging, but it is the functionality that I am in love with like seriously it's an amazing idea. The Klairs Mochi BB Cushion comes with a unique twist case which reveals the cushion itself. This function helps to lock in the product to prevent evaporation.


Not only that, the provided puff is extremely cute, very soft and smooth and transfers the product onto the skin very nicely.

The texture, on the other hand, is one I very much am loving! It has a very silky cream like texture that applies very smoothly over the skin! It glides on seamlessly without slinging to any dry patches or looking blotchy! When applied over top of minimal skin care, the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion has a satin finish. When applied over top of moisturizing skin care, it then can have a dewy finish. Making it versatile depending on your skin's needs. However, I certainly would not classify this bb cushion as a matte finish.

The coverage overall is build-able. At first, when opening the product, you must work the cream into the cushion. I recommend taking sanitized tweezers and pressing the cushion until the cream is fully absorbed. Then you may use the puff and apply to the skin.

With 1 layer applied with the provided puff, the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion gives a light coverage that is expected of a foundation. When you apply the second layer, you can achieve a very natural medium coverage. However, this bb cushion will not be able to go beyond a medium coverage, especially if you are looking to cover pimples and scarring.

Therefore, if you are someone with average skin, looking to cover small discolorations or minimal breakouts or minimal acne scars. Then this bb cushion is a nice choice for a natural and lovely looking complexion. If you desire something to cover your troubled skin completely, then this bb cushion is probably not for you.

bare in mind, this cushion will only be suitable for those with a light skin tone.

On lasting power, it really varies. If you will be applying this bb cushion on top of little to no skin care, then it may fade or because cakey. If you apply over top of skin care then it will apply smoothly and last longer. If you set the t-zone with power or the entire face with power, then it will last you at most 7 hours. The lasting power truly depends on your makeup application method. But personally, I recommend setting the t-zone with power as I feel this bb cushion will fade away on oily areas.

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