my 2 hours session with HealthLand Family Wellness Centre

by - December 20, 2018

Being a supermom will be not too easy when everything you need to manage on your own. Sometimes it will drain your energy make yourself feels so tired with the hectic scheduling every day. But I always keep it as a challenge to prove that I can be a superhero to Azriel like marvels hero in the movie. But of course, you will get exhausted later on. So my alternative to get out of this stress is steps my own way to 
HealthLand Family Wellness Centre. The best place for me to rejuvenate my tired body.

About HealthLand Family Wellness Centre

HealthLand Family Wellness Centre promotes holistic wellness and their endeavour to help their customers Get More Out of Life by offering the finest and most affordable wellness solutions. There are currently 32 HealthLand Family Wellness Centres in Klang Valley. 

Vision: Asia’s leading wellness platform that unleashes human potential. 
Brand Positioning: Malaysia’s only wellness centre that offers holistic wellness solutions to the mass middle class whilst maintaining its appeal to the affluent. 

Once you enter the door, I warmly welcome by their friendly staff and they serve you with a nice aroma drink. Yes, truly nice and it's very calm my throat. 

You may choose any of the packages according to your needs ya. some more they got offer package by season of festive. It's a great deal for those are looking at something valuable thing, that you can treat yourself.

Before the start, the massage session you will be treated like a queen as your feet will be washed by their staff. woahhh so calm also this session, they will treat and rubbed your feet softly. Omg.. so relax.. weii

So before we start lets we explore their small pieces of corner that brings you to feel of peaceful and relaxing mind while you entering their territory. very chill rite? 

This room when I am going to lay down  my body and let the massager lady rubbed my badan lah..

the essentials oils that I am going to use.

I decided to choose their Signature Treatments which is the benefit of the treatment I have mentioned below ;

Deep Tissue Treatment Unwind your muscle "knots" and ease tension from your body with deep finger pressure application of firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of your muscle and fascia. Benefits: 

● Relieves back pain, aches and stiff neck 

● Lower high blood pressure 

● Reduces stress, anxiety and muscle tension 

● Breaks up scar tissue 

● Helps relieve arthritis symptoms 

● Increases joint mobility Duration: 60 mins / 90 mins / 120 mins Price: RM 68 / RM 98 / RM 118 

I took about 2 hours for the session and yes, I won't record the moment while I am in half naked (hahaha). and you can see how my reaction after having the 2 hours pampering session with the signature treatment from HealthLand Family Wellness Centre.

Thanks sayang for always accompany me even when I in the massage room. (Eh guys, actually children are not allowed to massage area ya, luckily Azriel behave when I left him with the kakak receptionist. Alhamdulillah selamat.

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