Roche Partners with Healthcare Experts to Introduce Accessible Diabetes Care

by - June 24, 2024

Collectively Aims to Empower People with Diabetes through Connected Blood Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes Self-Management

Last week had an opportunity to attend a forum session. On International Nurses Day, Roche Diagnostics Malaysia (Roche) announced a partnership with healthcare experts to enhance diabetes education and promote effective disease self-management through digital applications. This initiative addresses the urgent global diabetes epidemic, one of the most rapidly growing health emergencies of the 21st century.

Engaging in Panel Discussion on Diabetes Self-Management

In a panel discussion by Roche, healthcare experts delved into the critical aspects of daily diabetes management, particularly focusing on structured blood glucose monitoring using blood glucose meters (BGM). The World Health Organisation classifies BGM as a 'priority non-surgical intervention' and a 'priority medical device' for diabetes management.


Integrated Personalised Diabetes Management (iPDM) Approach


Roche introduced its Integrated Personalised Diabetes Management (iPDM) approach, aimed at simplifying diabetes management and empowering people with diabetes (PwDs) to improve their quality of life.

A Patient-Centric and Collaborative Data-Driven Approach

Bryan Koh, Cluster Head of Asia Pacific Mature Markets, Roche Diabetes Care, emphasized Roche's commitment to accessible diabetes care and sustainable healthcare. He highlighted the importance of combining technology with an understanding of the personal challenges faced by PwDs to help them manage their condition confidently.


"Diabetes management is complex and personal for every individual. By integrating technology and a deep understanding of these challenges, we enable PwDs to navigate their daily management with confidence. The future of diabetes care lies in personalization, connectivity, and collaboration for healthcare sustainability," Koh stated.

Empowering Better Diabetes Management

Dr. Lim Lee Ling, Associate Professor of Medicine and Head of the Diabetes Care Unit at the University of Malaya Medical Centre, stressed the need for structured self-management to reduce the burden on PwDs and the healthcare system.


"Access to affordable diabetes care has improved in recent years, with continuous support for adherence to diabetes management, including home glucose monitoring and regular follow-ups. This long-term commitment by PwDs and their families is crucial to avoiding complications and improving their well-being," Dr. Lim said.

The Role of Healthcare Professionals and Caregivers

Nurse Yong Lai Mee, President of the Malaysian Diabetes Educators Society, highlighted the importance of a collaborative approach in diabetes management.

"The iPDM approach builds a strong network of care and support for the diabetes community. Each person's journey is unique, and treatment therapies must be customized to individual needs. Caregivers play a key role in supporting PwDs and connecting healthcare professionals with vital information for therapy adjustments," Yong explained.

The International Diabetes Federation's 10th edition of the Diabetes Atlas reports a significant increase in global diabetes prevalence, with 537 million adults living with diabetes as of 2021. This number is projected to rise to 783 million by 2045. In Malaysia, 18.3% of adults have diabetes, nearly double the global prevalence.

Patient-centric and data-driven care, supported by strong collaborations with healthcare professionals, is essential to addressing the diabetes challenge. By leveraging technology to connect healthcare professionals, PwDs, and healthcare systems, disparities in diabetes care can be overcome, empowering individuals to manage their conditions effectively.





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